Three-year-olds are more secure and ready for a higher level of challenge. Teachers weave a tapestry of fun and learning that continues to instill the young learner with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at the next level. Skills learned during this period include recognizing letters and numbers, names, catching a bounced ball, and  begin to understand the concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
   This class provides more of an academic learning environment and exposes children to concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and color formations.
Hooked on phonics is introduced to the children along with social skills as manners and stranger safety. Children are taught academic concepts through stories, fingerplays, games, art workbook pages, and life lessons.
 These years are critical for the emerging learner to be prepared for elementary school. Your child will gain the final components of literacy and math knowledge to prepare for kindergarten.
 This is an active time when your child will learn to follow oral directions, make predictions based on prior knowledge and write his or her first name with appropriate cases.
 Our children learn sound and letter relationships, and expand their understanding of the meaning of words and stories.